Closed railways as an important habitat for birds and pollinators in the agricultural landscape

2016 – 2018 NCN 2016/21/N/NZ8/01289 Preludium

Principle investigator

Łukasz Dylewski

Agricultural landscape is characterized by a variety of habitats, which are the result of age transformations of the natural environment. Habitats such as field margins, woodlots and meadows affect the occurrence of birds and pollinators. As a result of changes in the use of the agricultural area in Europe – the transition from extensive to intensive agricultural economy – there is a decrease in biodiversity of the flora and fauna characteristic of the agricultural landscape. These studies are aimed at checking whether the closed railway lines can provide an alternative habitat for birds and pollinators in intensively managed agricultural landscape. Closed railway lines as a result of the plant succession, will probably increase the abundance and diversity of birds and pollinators, providing nesting sites and food resources.

Project is already ongoing