Laboratory of Apidology

Head of Laboratory: dr hab. Monika Fliszkiewicz

phone: + 48 61 848 7633

fax: + 48 61 848 7632


The research in the Laboratory of Apidology covers honey bee and wild bees and it spans bionomy, ecology and social behaviour of bees. In our applied research we address beekeeping issues and we also deal with controlled reproduction and employing wild bees in farming. In particular, we focus on pollination services the managed wild bee species provide for orchards and seed plantations of flowers, herbs or vegetables.

Our another research interest covers biodiversity and conservation and we investigate the diversity, abundance and species assemblage composition of bees Apoidea in different – including urban – environments.

Our Department has a distinguished history in the fields of bee nutrition and breeding of two non-Apis bee species. We patented technology of production of feeds for honey bees. We also developed methods for a reintroduction of an endangered bee species Anthophora plagiata and breeding technology of Osmia rufa bee and the recommendations for the introduction of the species into commercial farms.

Our Department has an apiinhalatory – a wooden house one can enter to inhale beehive air. The apiinhalatory is located in the Dendrological Garden of the University. To use the house please contact dr hab. Monika Fliszkiewicz, phone: +48 61 848 7633; or dr inż. Ewa Jerzak, phone: +48 61 846 6240. Entrance is free of charge.

We regularly run courses for beginner beekeepers.

We invite you to explore the fascinating world of bees together!