Mateusz Rawski, PhD

Assistant Professor

tel. 0-61 848-7224
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8734-724X
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Area of study

– aquaculture, fish nutrition, feed production technology, utilization of food industry by-products in feed for aquaculture;
– creation and management of experimental facilities for aquaculture;
– management skills in aquaculture systems;
– feed optimization and feed processing in experimental scale operations;
– biology of non-domesticated animals in captivity;
– Freshwater turtle nutrition;
– invasive alien species of water ecosystems.


Aquarium fish breeding
Invertebrate breeding
Farm insect production
Farm production of non-domesticated species
Legal aspects of non-domesticated species trade
Prophylaxis and bio-asecuration in non-domesticated animals breeding
Repetitory of animal science in English
Sustainable fish farming
Metabolic diseases in companion animals