Janusz Golski, PhD

Assistant professor

phone number – 618487707
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2326-5111
Research gate

Scientific interests:

  • the impact of anthropogenic water transformations on ichthyofauna,
  • efficiency of recruitment of sea trout and brown trout against the background of environmental conditions,
  • alternative methods of reproduction and rearing of salmonids fry,
  • the role of oxbow lakes in the functioning of ichthyocoenoses in large lowland rivers,
  • biological analysis of waters,
  • changes in the species structure of ichthyofauna in relation to changes in the trophic status of lakes.


2001 – Master of Science – Agricultural Academy in Poznań, Agricultural Faculty, field of study environmental protection, water protection specialty. Thesis completed at the Department of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture.
2007 – PhD of agricultural sciences – Agricultural Academy in Poznań, Faculty of Animal Breeding and Biology. Thesis completed at the Department of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Experience and employment

2002 – 2006 – Stationary Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Animal Breeding and Biology. Agricultural Academy in Poznań.
2006 – 2008  – assistant – Department of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture. Agricultural Academy in Poznań.
2008 – lecturer – Laboratory of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture, Department of Zoology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. Poznań University of Life Sciences.


  • “Possibilities of using small tributaries of the central Warta for incubation of eggs and rearing of juvenile stages of salmonids ”. Duration: 2010-2013. Financing: Ministry of Science and Higher Education, within the 39th Research Project Competition. Project manager.
  • “Hydrobiological and fishing characteristics of the Drawa River and an attempt to develop and implement effective fishery management in the sections used for fishing in the PZW District in Poznań. 2010-2015. Co-contractor of the project.
  • “Monitoring of species and habitats with particular emphasis on Natura 2000 special areas of protection for habitats in 2015-2018”. Project coordinated by the Institute of Nature Conservation of the Polish Academy of Sciences at the request of the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection. Project contractor.


  • Hydrobiology – studies major Biology, specialization Animal biology, II degree
  • Bioindication – studies major Biology, specialization Animal biology, II degree
  • Fish farming and breeding – Zootechnic studies, I degree
  • Protection of fish and insects species and animal indicator species – Zootechnic studies, specialization Breeding of free-living and amateur animals, II degree



  • Urbańska , Andrzejewski W., Gierszal H., Golski J. 2018. Are there any differences in the fouling of the native and invasive Unionidae by Dreissena polymorpha? Inland Waters; DOI:10.1080/20442041.2018.1502985


  • Golski J., Pińskwar P., Jezierska-Madziar M., Andrzejewski W., Mazurkiewicz J., Stanisławski D., Urbańska M. Rheophilic fish in oxbow lakes of the Warta River – the effect of environmental conditions on habitat selection.  Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies. Volume 46, Issue 1, March 2017.


  • Golski J., Mazurkiewicz J., Andrzejewski W., Przybył A., Kozak J. 2016.   The survival rate and growth of juvenile salmonids reared in lowland streams. Archives of Polish Fisheries 24:187-200/ DOI 10.1515/aopf-2016-0016.
  • Graczyk L., Golski J., Trawiński J., Andrzejewski W., Mazurkiewicz J. 2016. Zmiany jakości wody w Strudze Dormowskiej w ciągu kilkudziesięciu lat na podstawie analizy wskaźników i indeksów biologicznych. Woda-Środowisko-Obszary Wiejskie. T. 16. Z. 2 (54) s.37–48.
  • Runowski S., Golski J., Grzelak M., Andrzejewski W., Mazurkiewicz  Murawski M. 2016.  Biological characteristics of spawning population of vendace  ( Coregonus albula L.) from Lake Śremskie (Międzychód District). Journal of Research and Applications in Agricultural Engineering  61(4) 136-142.

2015… and former

  • Mazurkiewicz J., Andrzejewski W., Żołnierowicz K., Przybylska K., Golski J., Graczyk L. 2015 – Effects of incorporating in diets cold-pressed rapeseed cake on the growth performance, nutrient utilization, and body composition of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) – Arch. Pol. Fish. 23(2) 113-120.
  • Florczyk K., Mazurkiewicz J., Przybylska K., Ulikowski D., Szczepkowski M., Andrzejewski W., Golski J. 2014. Growth performance, feed intake and morphology of juvenile European catfish, Silurus glanis (L.) fed diets containing different protein and lipid levels. Aquaculture Int. 22:205-214. 1007/s10499-013-9667-0.
  • Andrzejewski W., Urbańska M., Mazurkiewicz J., Gierszal H. Golski J., 2013. The current invasion status of (Sinanodonta woodiana) (Lea, 1934) in Poland – study of habitat parameters. Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies. 42(2)173-180.
  • Golski J., Przybył A., Mazurkiewicz J., Andrzejewski W., Trawiński J., 2010 Habitat variability and fish species structure in Kończak stream. Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies. 4: 83-98.
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  • Pińskwar P., Jezierska-Madziar M., Golski J. Fluoride in bone tissue of fish sampled from the old reservoirs near Luboń and Radzewice, Poland. Fluoride, 36(3): 185-188.2003.