The impact of new environments and climate change on migratory birds.

2021-2023 NAWA PPN/BEK/2020/1/00426, The M. Bekker Scholarship

Scholarship holder

Marcin Tobółka

Migratory birds are facing many unfavourable habitats changes on their breeding grounds as well as during migration and wintering. However, some changes are surprisingly in favour of opportunistic foragers, and new sources of food are known to modify migratory behaviour and increase the abundance of some breeding population. During my research visit at Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology, I am going to analyze my own data on white stork migration. I will also collect the data on stork migration from other projects and analyze them all together in the context of stopover site selection, new environments exploring, land-use changes and climate change. As a next step in exploring the issue of new sources of food (e.g. landfills and artificial irrigated fields), I will collect data from different scientific programs on other long-distance birds known to use landfill and agricultural land during breeding season and migration.