Sylwia Graja-Zwolińska PhD


phone 607 682 113

ORCID 0000-0003-2956-1912


Research interests:

tourism in protected areas, ecotourism, specialisation in rural tourism, creation of a tourist product, use of social media in tourism



rural tourism, hospitality, tourist service; Guardian of the Student Scientific Circle of Tourism

ORCID 0000-0003-2956-1912


Selected project activity

  • Project manager submitted to nfośigw to obtain grants for the organization of conferences entitled: Environmental education in the development of tourism in naturally valuable  areas – 12-14.11.2018. (Contract No 177/2018/Wn50/EE-se/D);
  • Contractor in an interdisciplinary inter-university research project (Poznań Academy of Economics – Poznań Agricultural Academy) entitled Agrotourism as a form of rural entrepreneurship  (No 8/38/WI/07/AE);
  • Contractor in an interdisciplinary research project of an inter-university nature (Poznań Academy of Economics – Poznań Agricultural Academy) entitled Economic and social values of food products in agrotourism farms of Wielkopolska;

(No 2/538/WI/10).