Magdalena Maćkowiak PhD


phone 61 846 62 23, 608 896 000

address 60-637 Poznań

ul. Witosa 45, pok. 23

ORCID iD0000-0002-7514-0986


Scientific interests

Development of tourism in rural areas

Creating a product of rural tourism

Institutional and organizational conditions for the development of rural tourism and agritourism

Organizational social responsibility





Rural tourism,

Company management



  • Agritourism as a form of entrepreneurship in the countryside – the contractor
  • Economic and social values ​​of food products in agritourism farms in Wielkopolska – the contractor
  • Ecological education in the development of tourism in naturally valuable areas, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management
  • Development of the concept of recreational and tourist development of the excavation in the commune Komorniki at Żwirowa Street – the contrctor
  • Methodological imaging of scientific works (on the example of tourism research